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DOG KENNELS: When “Best Friend” Deserves The Best!

  • A structure that provides the protection your pet needs
  • House area designed for sleeping compartment and storage
  • Allows easy access to be outside but protected from the elements


Our Dog Kennels help to solve a concern of many pet owners—what to do with your pet when you aren’t at home? The design of our kennels allows you to leave your pet and feel confident “Spot” will not get into trouble or be harmed. The shed part has an enclosed and floored area for your dog(s) to sleep in warmth and a storage area for pet supplies or other items. There is easy access to the unfloored outside area to exercise or do his”business.” The zinc coated chain link fence is covered by a roof to further protect your dog from rain or hot sunlight during the day. Perfect!


  • Structure can be sided in Board n Batten construction, Dura-temp T1-11, or Vinyl siding all in Cottage Style.
  • Zinc coated chain link fencing includes a gable end gate for easy clean-up.
  • Double duty interior—4x4 area for dogs and 4x4 storage/workspace.
Sizes: Footprint is 8’x12’ with an 8’x8’ run area and 4x8 shed area.

Not just a dog kennel, store your pet's supplies too

Easy access to your pets run area

Rover can enjoy the outdoors, in a controlled area

Various siding types to fit your landscape

Room for the grooming and caring for your pet

K-9 Kennel

Provide shelter for your pet while
roaming in the back yard