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10 Questions To Ask When
Purchasing A Shed

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  1. Are the building materials grade stamped?
  2. Is the foundation of the shed including the joist pressure treated?
  3. Does the seller give you the option of trading in your used structure?
  4. Do you have a “to do list” after you make your purchase, or is the seller set up to provide a turnkey solution for your storage needs?
  5. Who will do your site prep? Is the seller going to send you shopping for someone to prepare your site? Who guarantees the site prep? If you decide to do your own site prep, who guides you through the process?
  6. Who will help you with the permitting process? Do you know what it takes to get a permit?
  7. Do you know the size needed for your storage needs? Does your sales agent have the tools to help you know the size you need?
  8. Is the warranty on the roof shingle valid, without the felt paper application under the shingle?
  9. Does the manufacturer provide a warranty? Is it a written warranty? What is the length of warranty? Do the materials used in the con-struction of the building carry additional warranties, and does the seller have these additional warranties available to you as the end consumer?
  10. Is there a money back guarantee?