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Customize your swingset or playset with many accessories to choose from!

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Swing low, swing high toward the sky. Adventure World Gymsets offers a wide range of swing styles all with rubber-coated swing chains to provide a soft, pinch-free grip. Plus, our heavy-duty swing hangers feature spring clips for easy height adjustment and swing changes so that your gymset can grow as your children grow – for example, plan ahead by purchasing a baby swing and a belt swing; simply swap swings as your child matures.

  • Baby swings


  • Baby swings


  • Horse gliders


  • Plastic gliders


  • Uni glider


  • Easy rider glider


  • Tire swings


  • Tire swing


  • 2 chain tire swing


  • 4 chain tire swing


  • Super swing


  • Belt swings


  • Flat seat swing


  • Comfort seat swing


  • Trapeze


  • Trapeze ball



  • Cyclone disks


  • Custom Slides:

    Slip, slide away. Our different slides offer different rides, but all will get kids feeling free and laughing in delight! Slides are available in 3', 5', 7', and 9' configurations. Slide options may vary based upon your desired deck height.

  • Wonder wave slide


  • Ripple rush slide


  • Slide adaptor


  • Extreme slide


  • Twisty turbo tube


  • 9' Turbo slide


  • Tunnel express slide


  • Sidewinder slide


  • Accessories:

    Adventure World Gymset accessories combine added entertainment with practical functionality. Ready, set…accessorize! All sets are designed and constructed for many years of safe use. For safety & comfort reasons, the manufacturer reserves the right to make design & construction changes without notice. Not intended for commercial use.

  • Bubble panel


  • Lower deck


  • Lower deck with railing


  • Hand grip


  • Picnic table


  • Safety railing


  • Lemonade stand


  • Sandbox cover


  • TIC TACK TOE Panel


  • Hidden hut


  • Crawl tube


  • Wobbly bridge


  • Playhouse balcony


  • Steering wheel for playset


  • Ship's wheel for playset


  • Binoculars for playest


  • Telescope for playset


  • Periscope for playset


  • Telephone for playset


  • Spotlight for playset


  • Megaphones for playset


  • Bubble tube for playset


  • Fireman's pole for playset


  • Personalized plaque for playset


  • Custom Towers:

    The tower sets the stage for any backyard playset. Choose from single, double and triple towers with single or multiple levels for truly special customized outdoor playsets. Plus, we offer a variety of sizes to fit any yard and budget.

  • Busy Basecamp Tower Busy Basecamp Tower


  • Discovery Depot Tower Discovery Depot Tower


  • Fantasy Fortress Tower Fantasy Fortress Tower


  • Frolic Zone Tower Frolic Zone Tower


  • Giggle Junction Tower Giggle Junction Tower


  • Good Time Tower Good Time Tower


  • Happy Hideout Tower Happy Hideout Tower


  • Imagination Station Tower Imagination Station Tower


  • Jolly Jamboree Tower Jolly Jamboree Tower


  • Custom Tower Access:

    Accesses build children’s strength and balance as they climb to the towers. Plus, our access options add character to trigger a world of creative adventures. Tower accesses are available in green, red or blue.

  • Rock wall Rock Wall


  • Mini rock wall Mini Rock Wall


  • Frolic rock wall Frolic Rock Wall


  • Entrance ladder for playset Entrance Ladder


  • Gangplank for playset Gangplank


  • Chain ladder for playset Chain Ladder


  • Grand staircase for playset Grand Staircase


  • Custom Rooftops:

    The big bad wolf can huff and puff but he won't blow this roof down. Adventure World Gymsets' long-lasting, poly-lumber roofs resist high winds and are made with recycled HDPE plastics – the kind of plastics found in milk bottles. Roofs are available in green, red or blue.

  • Vinyl peak roof Vinyl Peak Roof


  • Pyramid roof Pyramid Roof


  • Extension roof Extension Roof


  • Plastic roof Plastic Sunburst Roof


  • Custom Swing Beams:

    Consider your swing beam as a blank canvas, waiting to come to life with a variety of swings. Standard wingle beam height is 8', also available in 10' configuration.

  • 2 Position Single Beam 2 Position Single Beam


  • 4 Position Single Beam 4 Position Single Beam


  • 4 Position Single Beam Alternative 4 Position Single Beam Alternative


  • Monkey Bar Overhead Climber Monkey Bar Overhead Climber


  • Custom Accessory Arms:

    Attach to any tower or playhouse to add swings or accessories.

  • Playset accessory arm 1 Position (1 Side)


  • PLayset accessory arms 2 Position (2 Sides)


  • Trapeze Ring Climber Trapeze Ring Climber


  • Monkey Bar Overhead Climber Monkey Bar Overhead Climber


  • Space Saver Monkey Bar Space Saver Monkey Bar


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